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Can I bring a friend? And will we be in the same group?

Yes you can bring a friend along to camp and if you would like to be grouped with your friend just indicate to us on your application that you would like to be grouped together.

Can siblings attend as well?

Yes, Nashoba is family based and is fortunate to have many siblings at camp.

Where do Nashoba Day campers come from?

Nashoba’s campers come from the surrounding communities. Acton, Andover, Arlington, Bedford, Belmont, Berlin Boxboro, Bolton, Cambridge, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Concord, Groton, Harvard, Lexington, Lincoln, Littleton, Lowell, Newton, Pepperell, Stow, Sudbury, Winchester, Weston, Westford.

What do we do when it rains?

Camp continues as usual. We are fortunate that we have many large buildings, shelters and pavilions that are perfect for the inclement weather.

Do boys & girls see one another during the camp day?

Yes. The campers see each other during lunch and in passing during the day.

Where do we swim?

We conduct American Red Cross swimming lessons in both the Fort Pond and our pool.

When is Visiting Day?

Tours are offered year-round at Camp Nashoba. We encourage families to call our office to schedule a convenient meeting time so parents, grandparents and children can see the natural beauty of camp first-hand. Families will have the opportunity to meet the directors, walk the camp grounds and experience the camp during the changing seasons. For those visiting during the summer sessions, private tours are offered mornings after 9:30 am and afternoons until 2:00 pm. 978-486-8088 office telephone.

Who are the staff at Nashoba Day?

The staff at Nashoba Day is comprised of camp experienced men and women, teachers, graduate students and undergraduate college students with a variety of skills and expertise. Some of the staff are select high school students who have attended Nashoba for at least eight years who have strong skills in a variety of activities.

Should my child bring a lunch to camp?

Yes, your child should pack a lunch to bring to camp. We will provide each camper with his or her own reusable lunch bag. Nashoba also provides 1 % milk for your child’s lunch.

Are iPods, cell phones ,iPhones, smart phones, mp3 players, cameras and video cameras allowed?

Nashoba doesn’t allow any cell phones, smart phones, iPod’s, mp3 players, cameras and video cameras. We feel that electronic devices take away from the camp experience and that we would prefer if our campers would leave these devices at home.

Why pay extra for horseback riding?

What if a camper gets sick or injured at camp?

Nashoba has a registered nurse on site. If your child requires medical attention the camp nurse will contact the parent to review the child’s needs. Nashoba prides itself on great communication with parents. Emerson Hospital in Concord, MA is located 8 miles from camp

Do I have to bring my own sports equipment?

Nashoba is well stocked with an array of sports equipment. If you have a favorite glove or racquet that you use regularly then we would encourage you to bring it along.