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While At Camp

While At Camp

Boys and girls are grouped separately according to age and grade and each group is called by Indian tribal names. Each camper enjoys individual attention, fun, relaxation, and companionship. Tents are set on the knoll overlooking Fort Pond for the girls and amongst the trees on the waterfront for boys. Campers leave their extra clothing and gear in their tents while at camp and lunches are refrigerated at the Rec Hall kitchen.

The oldest girls use the Nashoba building as their facility to store extra gear and clothing that will be used while at camp.

The Apache unit, consisting of four and five year old boys and girls, enjoy their own building and shaded area. Although the Apaches enter into all activities, their program is geared specifically to their level and attention span. For the very young camper, lunch is followed by a short rest period if needed.

Tribes eat lunch at designated picnic tables along the beach and in the Rec Hall or Ranger building during inclement weather. Campers bring a lunch and camp provides 1% low fat milk. Punch and cookies are provided at the closing of each day.