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Staff FAQ

Staff FAQ

Who are the Nashoba Day Campers?
We have approximated 150 boys and girls, from Massachusetts and from different states or countries for part of the summer. We are a non-sectarian camp.

What is a typical day at Nashoba Day?
Counselors arrive at 8:50 am and meet their children at their tent. After morning assembly counselors teach three activities in the morning, eat lunch, instruct three activities in the afternoon, go to closing sing for punch and cookies and a skit, and depart camp at 3:30 pm.

Does Nashoba offer internship credit?
We are happy to work with you and your college or university to help you gain school credit for your time spent working with us at Nashoba Day.

Where do counselors live?
Counselors live in the surrounding towns of Littleton. We do not offer housing for staff.

Where is Camp Nashoba Day?
Nashoba Day is located in Littleton, Massachusetts on Nashoba Road, not far from the Acton border. The climate is pleasant and the temperature varies between the mid 70’s and 80′s and it does rain from time to time.

How can I get to Camp Nashoba Day?
Campers and counselors meet one of the buses at conveniently located bus stops, or counselors may drive their personal car or car pool with other staff.

Time off
Counselors’ time off is after 3:30 pm and on weekends after orientation has completed.

What are the personal policies I need to know?
Nashoba is a fairly conservative co-ed camp. We do not allow smoking, drinking of alcohol or use of drugs at camp. We do not require a uniform at camp with the exception of collared staff shirts (provided for you) on certain days. We do however have a dress code, which we believe to be very fair and comfortable. We ask that you wear clothing that is not offensive or sexually suggestive. Under garments should not be visible. There may be additional requirements specific to your activity area such as athletics, aquatics etc. All men and women (campers alike) are allowed to have one modest earring in each ear. Additional body piercing, rings and large offensive tattoos are not allowed. Men must be clean-shaven and all staff members must remain tidy in appearance.

Who are the directors and supervisory staff?
Camp Nashoba® Day is directed by Jean Seaward, Janet Seaward and Marcia Marcantonio. Additional Nashoba staff administrators include Everett Thorpe as program director, and head counselors. These head counselors are teachers and have been hired for their experience in youth development and passion to make camp fun and safe setting.

How is salary determined?
Counselors’ salary is determined by what academic year they have recently completed.